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Exmoor Zoo is the only one of its kind. The zoo opened in 1982 and is now an ideal family venue, particularly for the younger age bracket. Many changes keep taking place, even if you paid a visit to the zoo last year, you will today see new exhibits and animals!

The zoo has always specialized In smaller animals in the past, supplying "natural" living spaces for many creatures no longer seen in city zoo's. The cautious planting of shrubs and trees as they have developed will keep you wondering what is next, providing a very relaxing and calm atmosphere! Today new exhibits exist for bigger animals such as the cheetah, blackbuck, maned wolves, sitatunga and of course the "Exmoor beast!"

Exmoor Zoo

Exmoor zoo is completely different to other zoos. It is not a wildlife park or a city zoo, but a more personal, friendly and contact and orientated zoo which has grown into a North Devon Valley. This is shown by the talks and encounter sessions. A visit will show you there is a lot more than first meets the eye.

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