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Lundy Island

This off-shore island to the west of Ilfracombe is a great place to go for everyone, and with 2 hour boat journeys leaving frequently from Ilfracombe for Lundy, there is no reason not to viLundy Island Ilfracombesit it during your stay!

During the day, there is a whole host of activities on offer on the island, from Diving to painting, meaning there is something for everyone. The island is evidently one of the few remaining untouched and peaceful area's of Britain, serving as a great way to get away from it all for a day.

By night, with the lack of street and city lights, the night sky is clear, offering one of the best views of the stars that you will ever see in Britain.

And if you're not sure what to do, there are several free (although donations are welcolmed) warden led events, both in the water and on land to keep you occupied.

Day returns on the MS Oldenburg are £15 for a child and £30 for an adult. Alternatively, helicopter trips can transport you to and from the island for a more expensive price of £46 per child and £87 for an adult.

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