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Fishing in Watermouth Harbour

Watermouth is a small harbour situated between Ilfracombe and Combe Martin. This beautiful harbour boasts a couple of pubs, a castle and great fishing. Watermouth Harbour

As the fishing areas are mostly owned by the campsites around the harbour, you will often have to pay a fee of £2 per rod to fish. If you park in the harbour then you will have to pay for parking (£1.50 for 2 hours). Knock on the harbour masters door or look around the harbour for the harbour master to pay the parking fee.

There are two distinct sides to the fish in the harbour, inside the harbour and on the exposed side looking out to Wales. Both sides offer excellent fishing but at the same time very different fishing conditions. The harbour is mainly sandy, so it makes fishing on the bottom (ledgering) an awful lot easier and cheaper! The exposed side is very rocky and ledgering becomes a challenge, so it is advised to float from this side. However there are some nice sandy areas that can be reached on a low tide.

There are several areas which can make for some great catches, however most are very hard to get to and can also be very dangerous. If you are planning on fishing from Watermouth, make sure you do the following:

1) Tell some one where you are going and when you expect to be back.
2) Make sure you know the High Tide times and heights.
3) If possible fish in pairs so that you can help each other over the rocks.
4) Take waterproofs & boots with a good grip or use waders.

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